Saturday, 10 December 2016

Festive Favourites

Hello loves!

My first items are drugstore beauty products. The Tanya Burr Rhubarb and Custard Luxe Lip Gloss is such a gorgeous shade and really sets of a natural makeup look, plus being inexpensive. I am currently in LOVE with the Collection Colour Lash Mascara Brown 3 as it is so neutral and un-obvious for school, but also gives volume and length to my eyelashes, so if you are at school and in need of a very cheap and easy mascara, I'd definitely recommend this one. If you prefer bolder looks for the weekend, Barry M do the perfect one for you - the Showgirl Extra Lengthening Mascara gives so much obvious length and the look will be great for any festive parties you may have this time of year.

Moving on from mascara to eye shadow, Revolution's Redemption Palette Iconic 3 gives you the perfect range of nude and cream shades to last you all winter long, and the subtle touch of sparkle in the shadows top off any Christmassy look. Another pale palette I am loving this year is the MUA Trio Eyeshadows in Pink Sorbet as they work together in a twisted version of the classic smokey eye or separately for any look you want to achieve. Suit darker shades? Sleek I Divine Eye Shadow in Au Naturel has some gorgeous shades ranging to the very darkest, as well as some creams to cancel out the contrast.

Smokey eyes should always be finished with winged eyeliner to complete the look, and this season there have been some amazing buys available from both Boots and Superdrug; my all-time favourite eyeliner was the Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner in Black 1 because it was super esay to apply, gave a smooth finish and was within almost anyone's budget at £2.99, but since discovering Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Kohl Liner (again, in classic black) I have been experimenting more with pencil liners - however, the Barry M Liquid Eyeliner is loved by me and all my friends and is definitely a worthwhile addition to any smokey eye.

My favourite beauty buy this month was far and away the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer as I am allowed to wear minimal makeup for school and finding a concealer that is affordable, with medium coverage and not obvious is always hard, but I think this one ticks all of the criteria - it comes in varying skin tones and is well-priced at £5.49. The matching foundation (Wake Me Up Foundation) is also great but as makeup is limited in school, I tend to only have concealer for coverage so foundations aren't as important on my list. Maybelline also do great concealers for inexpensive prices, and one of my current top picks is the Dream Touch Lumi Concealer as it is a little different and the brush really does feel as if it has a dream touch - perfect for hiding small imperfections and brightening undereye circles.After trying to buy a cheap highlighter I can use simply for parties and events out of school, I think the one I would choose to purchase again is the Collection Speedy Highlighter as it gave me some definition across my cheekbones, temple and nose but wasn't too obvious and fake-looking, plus being in pretty packaging.

Moving on to nails, Christmas is such a good time to get your nails done properly as there are so many beautiful colours that work in Winter - dark reds, purples, blues, golds, silvers, you name it. This year I decided to go all out and buy a polish for five of my close friends, in colours that I thought would go well with the festivities but can also be used for the remainder of the year, and I have come to the conclusion Barry M nail accessories are the best drugstore buys out there (in my opinion). The Coconut Nail Paint in Island Fever is a lush shade of dark red and I am truthfully very jealous of my friend who will be receiving this from me this year...The Limited Edition Snowflake Nail Paint is also so gorgeously subtle and perfect for winter, so I would recommend any of these for you if you are having trouble with picking out a certain colour.
Rimmel do a Nail Tip Colour in some beautiful shades, designed to give your hands a pop of brightness (or opt for a quiter shade) in festive shades. However, last year I treated myself to the Rimmel London Nail Polish in Space Dust as its colour and texture attracted me like a magpie to silver, and I have worn it throughout 2016; doubtless to say it is still one of my favourites.

Skincare favourites are always pretty much the same for me; some bloggers can choose a different product every week and enthuse about it, but I prefer to use the same couple of products on my skin so the routine stays the same as I know it is beneficial to my skin. Simple is definitely the brand I use most and their Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash is my FAVOURITE thing ever to use on my skin! It's so gentle but at the same time scrubs and washes my face without it being rough. I always follow this up with the KInd To Skin Light Moisturiser as the formula is perfect for sensitive skin, plus being good for getting rid of all traces of makeup for the night.

Finally, I am finishing off with bath products/fragrances as at Christmas I cannot get enough of them! The Ted Baker Body Wash is one of my favourites as a one-off as the packaging is simply beautiful plus the smell is always lush, but because they are more expensive than other brands I prefer to have them as a wanted not a needed item. The Extracts brand are another I am obsessed with currently (also since forever) and the Mango or Honey products are my favourites, especially the Body Butters as they are so perfect and really moisturise my skin. Coming to fragrance, I received the Britney Spears Midnight fragrance a few months ago and although it may not be a newly-released bottle, the packaging is gorgeous and it smells beautiful! Also, cheaper fragrances are still just as good - every year I ask for a small Next perfume in my stocking and they always smell so sweet; just a perfect little extra Christmas gift. Definitely have a look for those next time you're out!

Goodbye, beauties, and happy Advent!

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